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The Most Popular 6 Solana NFT Projects:


There are several Solana NFT projects you should know about. Let’s note that Solana has its differences from other blockchains like Ethereum. For one, it is a much faster network and can process 50,000 transactions a second, costing barely a penny a piece. This is the perfect chain for Defi projects that want to challenge our current financial system. In comparison, Ethereum 1.0 can only handle 15 to 45 transactions per second, and its high gas fees may discourage beginners or those less willing to take risks.

Solana NFT Projects

What does all of this entail for NFT holders and the NFT marketplace? A brand-new breed of NFTs emerges as a result of new infrastructure. Another hot NFT summer is just around the corner, with a new wave of these projects going to OpenSea. However, it appears that Solana projects are positioned to take the lead this time.

Solana NFT Projects List- Here We Go:

Solana Monkey Business

The Solana Monkey Business, also known as SMB, is another NFT project, a collection of 5,000-pixel monkeys. If you have in your possession an SMB, you’re under the category of Solana NFT royalty. In addition, you have automatic access to MonkeDAO, the first NFT DAO on the Solana network. This group runs its node on the Solana blockchain, provides members with meetups and initiatives, and regularly makes DAO history through on-chain elections.

Degenerate Ape Academy

This Academy includes 10,000 ape PFPs minted in August 2021. The apes have the main physical features of head, body, skin, mouth, etc., and 137 traits. The project’s founders explain it as “friendship making, crayon eating, and absolute, unregulated, deplorable, degenerate behaviour.” This was Solanas’s first million-dollar NFT collection.

Solana NFT Projects

Cets on Creek

Cets on Creck illustrates the power of art and community. In an established industry of animal PFP projects, this project was highly successful in March, with a price of over 30 SOL. This is primarily due to the project’s emphasis on branding and storytelling. Being part of an NFT universe with 6,969 cats on the Solana blockchain, just hanging out sounds like a good project.


Solana’s lack of gas prices allows for developing some pretty visionary projects. Enviro (owned by Moduluc) is one of them, and it is creating a photorealistic metaverse to which Enviro Pass subscribers will have access. 

They are now in the works of Moduluc Web Services. This will permit the exchange of cloud-based services. Enviro owners may earn passive revenue by renting out their digital real estate and GPU.

Solana NFT Projects


Thugbirdz presents a collection of 3,333 pixelated birds, each possessing unique characteristics such as shades, tattoos, earrings, hats, and more. Notably, Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder of Solana blockchain, along with Wiz Khalifa, are proud holders of these NFTs. These avian creations feature distinctive elements like hats, shades, beak colours, earrings, tattoos, and even varying smoking styles. They are categorized into four distinct “gang roles”: “Thugs” (89%), “Enforcer” (9%), “Underboss” (0.9%), and the solitary “Boss” bird.

The collection can be acquired through Magic Eden, Solanart, and Digital Eyes secondary markets. To purchase these NFT birds, you can use wallets such as Phantom, Solflare Sollet, Mathwallet, Slope, and Solong Web3. Moreover, the Thugbirdz team plans to expand their presence by launching their pixelated birds on additional secondary marketplaces soon. It’s worth mentioning that Thugbirdz holds a prominent position as one of the major Solana NFT collections, receiving support from the renowned crypto exchange FTX.


Mindfolk is an NFT collection designed specifically for enthusiasts who have a deep appreciation for wooden architecture and a passion for the theme of “building.” The team behind Mindfolk emphasizes their desire to connect with like-minded individuals who genuinely love the collection’s art and overall concept. Comprising 777 unique characters, the Mindfolk collection draws inspiration from cabins and carpenters. These characters represent a group of people who have left their overcrowded homeland, searching for a new place to call home – a search that has proven successful.

In addition to owning these unique characters, Mindfolk holders gain access to a special community and token. The utility token, known as $WOOD, provides various benefits depending on the individual’s holdings. This token allows you to construct your cabin or boat within the immersive world of Mindfolk.

Solana NFT Projects

Okay Bears

Introducing the Bears of Okay, a cultural movement in motion. This remarkable NFT collection showcases a vibrant assembly of 10,000 bears, each brimming with diversity and unity, aimed at forging a noble community that transcends the boundaries of the virtual realm into tangible existence. The guiding principle behind this endeavour is eloquently captured in their rallying cry, “We shall thrive.” What truly sets the Okay Bears collection apart is its meticulous blueprint. In contrast to conventional NFT projects that often provide mere roadmaps, Okay Bears offers a comprehensive blueprint outlining seven distinctive facets: the park, workshop, gallery, boutique, studio, platform, and bear market.


Standing as the Solana blockchain’s reigning champion, DeGods has emerged as the most significant NFT undertaking to date. Boasting innovation at its core, this project revolves around fostering a strong sense of community while consistently introducing fresh benefits for its dedicated holders. Notably, it has garnered the participation of notable personalities, including the esteemed IceCube. These remarkable attributes have propelled DeGods to its current stature as an extraordinary success story. As of now, the starting price for a DeGod sits at 408 $SOL. Should its growth continue at the same rapid pace, it has the potential to claim the coveted title of the world’s largest NFT collection.

Yoots Mint Toob

Yoots mint toob stands out as a premier Solana NFT collection crafted by the masterminds behind the immensely successful DeGods NFT endeavor. Its launch generated unprecedented hype, cementing its position as a highly sought-after collection in the market. Originally known as “duppies,” Yoots comprise a total of 15,000 unique NFTs currently circulating in the market. Priced at $375DUST, slightly exceeding one thousand dollars, these NFTs diverged from the conventional method of whitelisting buyers through a raffle process, opting for an innovative alternative as envisioned by their creators.

If you already had a DeadGod, the second version of Degods, you were automatically allowed; if not, you could participate in the scholarship, determining those who seemed fit enough to own a good. Upon successfully completing the test, the selected individuals would receive public recognition through an official announcement on the yoots mint toob’s dedicated Twitter account.


MACKS represents a digital collective consisting of 10,000 NFTs, each showcasing captivating artwork. With its affordable floor price and a relatively limited number of listings, the project aims to foster accessibility and inclusivity, captivating a wide spectrum of collectors and enthusiasts. The MACKS NFT collection boasts a rich variety of styles, techniques, and subject matters, embodying the collaborative and diverse essence of the collective.

Solana NFT Projects


Solana’s rapid rise as a prominent blockchain for NFT projects has created a dynamic and diverse ecosystem. With its fast network and cost-effective transactions, Solana offers unique opportunities for creativity and innovation. Projects like Thugbirdz, Mindfolk, Okay Bears, DeGods, and more showcase the vibrant and inclusive nature of the Solana NFT landscape. With each project bringing distinctive experiences and community-driven initiatives, Solana continues redefining the future of NFTs.

As the NFT market evolves, Solana’s strong infrastructure and supportive community position it at the forefront of the industry. With its speed, scalability, and growing roster of groundbreaking projects, Solana provides a promising platform for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts.

Solana’s emergence marks an exciting chapter in the digital art world, where innovation thrives on a blockchain designed for accessibility and advancement. With its growing popularity, Solana is set to shape the future of NFTs with its unique features and unparalleled potential.

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