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About TradersWays Following the financial market is a tedious job​. The flow of information is endless, and sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between what is essential and what is just another smoke screen. That’s where we get involved TradersWays was founded by friends who like to invest and trade. We’ve experienced the absolute peak and the rock bottom of the global economy in the past 20 years, and one of the things that would have helped us along the way the most would have been a portal that gathers news and educational resources from many sources, as sometimes in the global financial media, news can be nothing but a masquerade. Decide For Yourself We believe in crossing sources and keeping critical thinking when keeping up with information given by the biggest media groups. Our dedicated team gathers a variety of content in this form: We make sure the newest information is available to you, from news to relevant guides and tips. We love statistics and reliable sources, and we’ll always supply you with information backed by credible third-party sources. Stay informed is key. We supply balanced perceptions. If a topic lacks clear consensus, we’ll offer you various opinions.